“Go, Poppy!” SNK releases Galford character trailer for “Samurai Shodown”

SNK and developer Athlon Games have released yet another character trailer for the upcoming Samurai Shodown.

You can find a SNK’s bio of Galford below:

Meet the all-American ninja and self-proclaimed “Superhero of Justice,” fan-favorite Galford. Traveling the world on a quest for peace, he is accompanied by his pet dog Poppy and his Justice Blade. Together, Galford and Poppy are ready to strike down every last enemy of justice at a moment’s notice.

Samurai Shodown releases on 25 June for PS4 and Xbox One, while ports for Nintendo Switch and PC are expected in Q4 2019. It’s important to note that those who purchase the game before 30 June will get the entire DLC season pass for free, which is a pretty nice incentive for early adopters.

You can watch the Galford character trailer below. “Go, Poppy!”

Source: Niche Gamer

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