SNK rejects exclusivity deal with an “unnamed PC platform” for “Samurai Shodown”

In a recent interview with Korean outlet GameFocus, Samurai Shodown director and art director Nobuyuki Kuroki revealed that SNK executives rejected an exclusivity offer from an unnamed “PC sales platform.” While the chief suspect is certainly the Epic Games Store, as Niche Gamer astutely points out, the platform could very well have been GOG,, Steam or others.

According to Kuroki the unnamed company in question offered the PC exclusivity deal if Samurai Shodown received “hundreds of thousands of preorders.” The deal was rejected by SNK executives, who expected the game would sell “more than a million copies.” Gotta love a confident game developer who sticks to their guns swords.

Samurai Shodown releases on 25 June for PS4 and Xbox One, while ports for Nintendo Switch and PC are expected in Q4 2019. It’s important to note that those who purchase the game before 30 June will get the entire DLC season pass for free, which is a pretty nice incentive for early adopters.

Source: Niche Gamer

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