Bluepoint Games co-founder and “Metroid Prime” developer Andy O’Neil passes away

Bluepoint Games has announced that the company’s co-founder and Andy O’Neil passed away on 10 June. Below is the official statement from the Bluepoint Facebook page:

We are sad to announce the passing of one of our founders, Andy O’Neil. Andy was key in the formation of Bluepoint Games and his engineering prowess helped catapult a tiny two-person studio to where we are today.

Andy, never afraid of a challenge, drove us to undertake difficult projects and exceed expectations. He would remind us that we do this work not because it is easy, but because it is hard. He always pushed Bluepoint to do great things and we will continue his legacy.

For the past 20 years, Andy called Austin his home. Always embraced the local lifestyle. Live music was a big part of him whether attending music festivals or playing his bass guitar for friends at home or around town. He loved the outdoors riding his mountain bike on the nature trails. He was always up for a great martini and enjoyed being with friends and making new ones.

Andy’s contributions to the gaming industry will never be forgotten. We are saddened by his passing, but grateful he will forever be a part of our lives.


Originally from Birmingham, England, O’Neil received his first computer, a Sinclair Zx Spectrum, for Christmas 1982. He graduated from the University of Birmingham in 1994 as a Bachelor of Science (Physics with Electronics), and started his career in Aldridge as an entry level C+ programmer.

O’Neil relocated to Austin, Texas in the ’90s to work on the Turok series for Acclaim, and later moved to Retro Studios where he was the technical lead on both Metroid Prime and Metroid Prime 2: Echoes, and as principal engineer on Metroid Prime 3: Corruption.

O’Neil left Retro Studios in 2006 to co-found Bluepoint Games, a company known for HD ports of PlayStation titles including Gravity Rush Remastered and Shadow of the Colossus.

According to his obituary,  O’Neil died at his Austin, Texas home and is survived by his girlfriend Stephanie, his brother Alistair, half-brother David, and his nieces Isobel and Lucy. He was 47.

Source: Nintendo Life


“In the end though, it basically comes down to getting your head down, avoid the shiny distractions, and do the best job you possibly can.” -Andy O’Neil

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