A Goodbye to the Ouya

It’s crazy to think that the Ouya first launched its Kickstarter campaign more than seven years ago. When it did, it promised to revolutionize the game industry by offering a cheap, Android-based game box that allowed game developers to create innovative, yet inexpensive games.

Along the way, it somehow captured the hearts of the game industry, raising more than $8.5 million and remains one of the most-funded Kickstarter campaigns to this very day.

I wasn’t one of those people who backed the Ouya on Kickstarter, but I was consumed by the hype when the system launched at retail and bought one at a local Best Buy in Maryland.

While many will remember the Ouya as a system that never reached the potential the company boasted it would, I had a lot of fun with mine and actually used it far more than my PlayStation 4 and Xbox One for quite a while.

I was able to play some great games like Saturday Morning RPG, Broken Age, TowerFall and Pier Solar. I also did a fair bit of modding to my system that allowed me to play all sorts of retro game ROMS — it even had support for Nintendo 64 and Dreamcast emulators — and was even able to play some Android-based mobile games that weren’t supposed to be playable on a home console.

None of that kind of freedom was ever possible on a home console that I owned before, and I think that played a huge part in why I loved the system so much. It was a system that was never supposed to exist, and its true that it didn’t entirely revolutionize things like its creators hoped, but it certainly made a positive impact in the game industry.

Today, on June 25, 2019, marks the end of the Ouya’s game store, with Razer (the company that now owns the Ouya) announcing it will be shutting it off for good. It certainly marks the end of a great system for us Ouya fans, but I’m sure many of us will cherish that little grey box for a very long time.

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