“SEGA Ages: Space Harrier” now available for Switch in Japan; launch trailer released

SEGA has released a launch trailer for SEGA Ages: Space Harrier, the latest in the SEGA Ages line of retro rereleases for Nintendo Switch, this time featuring Yu Suzuki’s classic arcade shooter. You can watch the trailer below, followed by a breakdown of the game’s features.

The Ultimate Port, Even Further Evolved Than the 3DS Version

Sega Ages: Space Harrier retains the appeal of the arcade version while also including the additional features of the 3DS version, such as widescreen support, the addition of the home console version-exclusive final boss Haya Oh, and more. There is also a wallpaper and CRT-style screen display that mimics the atmosphere of an arcade cabinet. Further more, the new game mode “Komainu Barrier Attack” has also been added. By befriending powerful allies, even users who are not good at Space Harrier can play with ease.

New Mode: Komainu Barrier Attack

A new mode in which Komainu, who normally provides protection for the Stage 17 boss Wi Wi Jumbo, for some reason provides protection for Harrier throughout the game instead. Komainu creates a barrier around Harrier’s left and right sides to protect him. With the exception of bullets, the barrier protects Harrier from all enemies and obstacles. Now you can proactively destroy obstacles and invincible enemies like Binzubins by ramming into them, which normally had to be avoided other than when riding Uriah. However, if Komainu himself is attacked, the barrier will disappear for a fixed period of time.

The Arcade Atmosphere Somewhat Returns with Joystick Controls

The game features a “Joystick Mode” in which you can hold the Joy-Con vertically to reproduce the joystick-based controls of the arcade version. It is but a taste of the arcade atmosphere.

SEGA Ages: Space Harrier is available now on the Japanese Nintendo Switch eShop for 925 yen.

Source: Gematsu

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