The technologically dead future of Vinnie Tartamella’s “City of Venus: Dead City”

Late last week, comic creator Vinnie Tartamella (Through the Woods) launched a crowdfunding campaign for the first issue of City of Venus: Dead City, a 28-page sci-fi comic set in a post-apocalyptic future. City of Venus is written, illustrated, colored, lettered all by Tartamella himself, who has worked as a cover artist for Image Comics, former lead designer of McFarlane toys, storyboard artist and the owner of Mella Art World.

What about the book? Here’s a summary of the plot taken from the City of Venus Indiegogo campaign page:

A post apocalyptic future where all technology is dead except for the city floating in the sky and those who inhabit it. The ultra elite, the scientist, and the most brilliant of engineers  who keep them above all others and have for centuries..along with an unique power source!  Below are the experimented, mutated and sick..below that, the few living, scavengers looking desperately to survive. Our story follows an unknown woman, who was thrust into this world with little to no knowledge of how she got here! 

Backers can get their own copy of the book for $20 (all signed). For those with more cash to spend there are backing tiers which include an two art books or an original head sketch of one of the characters from City of Venus.

Interested? You can check out some sample artwork below or visit the full City of Venus: Dead City Indiegogo page here.


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