Smells like success! “The Unbreathable Skunk Girl” comic book fully funded in first 30 minutes

On Monday, independent comics publisher Good Dog Press launched a crowdfunding campaign for The Unbreathable Skunk Girl: No Squirrel’s Allowed, a sexy, tongue-in-cheek action/comedy filled with “violence, gunfire, smoking, drinking, and oh my lorrrd BEAUTIFUL women!”

Written and illustrated by Manuel “Manny” Correia, The Unbreathable Skunk Girl is a girthy 80-page graphic novel that isn’t exactly intended for younger children, if you haven’t already guessed it. The best part, though? The book was fully funded in just 30 minutes.

But what is The Unbreathable Skunk Girl all about? Here’s the project pitch taken straight from the Indiegogo campaign page.

The unbreathable Skunk Girl is an homage to the great BADD girl comics of the 1990’s. It’s the story of Delilah Defluer, a shy, brainy, and awkward young lady who has an unfortunate accident  in her college years that turns her dull boring life up-side down. She will transform from a meek little girl into a bold, cunning young woman! It’s the ugly duckling story gone BADD! If you like ACTION and FUN, please support Skunkie as she takes on the Super Justice Wardens with the help of her “henchmen” Stink, Stank, Stunk, and the Booster Bois.

Backers can get a signed copy of The Unbreathable Skunk Girl for $25, while those with more dollah billz to throw around can find perks which include other bonuses such as multiple copies of the book, a pin-up poster, variant covers, original artwork, and a sculpture bust (*snick!*) of Skunk Girl herself.

Now that the project is already fully funded, Correia & Co. can focus on reaching additional stretch goals. These include several trading cards, a separate ashcan comic, as well as a donation of 500 copies of The Unbreathable Skunk Girl to the USO.

Smell a good deal? You can check out some sample pages below or visit the full Unbreathable Skunk Girl Indiegogo campaign page here.

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