New graphic novel “HUNT” pits Neanderthals against Cro-Magnons in an all-out brawl!

Independent comic book creator Lewis Michael (Chromosome 96) has been teasing an upcoming project scheduled to launch on Indiegogo this August. Simply titled Hunt, the book is a black and white trek through prehistory written by Michael, illustrated by Ang Hor Kheng, and presented in a perfect-bound, 8″ X 11″ format.

And get this: the story will be told only through the sequential artwork with zero text.

Here’s a brief summary of Hunt taken from the project’s Indiegogo preview page:


Come experience the sights & dramas from somewhere in the Paleolithic. A tribe’s expedition to stock up turns into an edge of your spear adventure, with merciless dangers and creatures that will not go down without a colossal fight!

Harsh elements are only part of the voyage. There’s something else in the wild. Something beyond comprehension.

It’s certainly a unique and ambitious project. If you’re interested in more information on Hunt, you can sign up for email updates here, or check out some sample artwork below while we all wait for Hunt to launch this August.

That guy will never be symmetrical again…

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