Scott McCullough’s new graphic novel “Doorkickers: Panzer Demon” takes on horrors with magic and bullets

On Tuesday, Scott McCullough launched a crowdfunding campaign for Doorkickers: Panzer Demon, a new, 48-page graphic novel written by McCullough and featuring illustrations by Ian Wayranto (The Mighty Mascots), colors by Faradilla Nurmaliza, and letters by Eric Weathers (aka Saint Eric the Prolific).
Doorkickers is a unique combination of war and fantasy, featuring heroes who use both military technology and magical abilities to defeat hordes of otherworldly beings. Here’s a plot breakdown taken from the Doorkickers Indiegogo page:

The story begins with a successful raid on a cultist group that recovers actionable intel that leads the Doorkickers against one of the most terrifying and evil threats ever. Only the experience and talents of these apex warriors can bring them through this nightmarish fight.

Backers can get a either a digital or signed physical copy of Doorkickers for $25. Lucky devils with more cash to throw around can spring for additional perks, including variant covers, multiple copies of the book, a pin-up poster, and original artwork. There are also several stretch goals laid out if the project meets certain funding benchmarks, including a concept art gallery, a sticker, and 10 pages of a remastered promotional preview included as a back-up story.

Sound like a good time? You can check out some sample artwork below or visit the full Doorkickers Indiegogo campaign page here.

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