New battle system, character details emerge for “Ys IX: Monstrum Nox”

According to the latest issue of Japanese publication Dengeki PlayStation, Falcom has unveiled several new Ys IX: Monstrum Nox details, including a few battle systems and several character reveals. Here’s a translation of the key information according to Gematsu:


  • Commander Chatelard (voiced by Yuuki Ono) – Commander of the Church Knights. A handsome man with tanned skin and silver hair. His position coupled with his appearance has earned him popularity in the city. A battle between him and Hawk will carefully unfold.
  • Warden Berger (voiced by Takahiro Shimura) – A military man with excellent judgment ability and is unsparing to the Monstrum. Although impulsive, he is also logical, and while he has no hair left on his head, he does have the deep trust of his subordinates.
  • Examiner Ingrid (voiced by Natsuko Hara) – A woman dispatched from the Romun Empire. An excessive realist, she is thickheaded and tries not to believe in rumors and superstitions.
  • Marius (voiced by Shuuta Morisaki) – An amnesia-stricken and friendly young man who was imprisoned, and is capable in both action and insight. His memory loss will be the key to the story.
  • Margotto (voiced by Kujira) – A resistance leader from the Gllia area. What is her objective in getting through to the prisoners?


  • Boost and Extra Skill – By pressing R1 + L1 during battle, you will enter the “Boost” state, which increases your ability, the damage you deal (as well as lowers enemy damage), movement speed, and the number of combo attacks you can land. Additionally, by pressing R1 + L1 in this state, you can activate your “Extra Skill,” which is a unique special move that ends the Boost state. To enter the Boost state, you must fill up a gauge that builds up by landing standard attacks and taking enemy damage.
  • Larva Battles – A dark miasma can be found in various places throughout the game. By touching it, your surroundings will become monotone and a battle will commence. By winning this battle, you will build up your Nox Gauge, which is necessary for “Grimwald’s Night” to occur. There are also hidden, high-difficulty Larva.
  • Grimwald’s Night – Occurs when the Nox Gauge reaches its maximum amount. The Monstrum gather in a different dimension where they must defeat countless Larva. The battle will end when all Larva have been defeated. This will also cause barriers in the city to disappear, expanding your range of actions. This system is based on the Raid and Beast Raid systems of the previous game, but brushed up and equipped with elements unique to this game. You will also receive bonuses based on your score and cooperation with Monstrum outside of your party.

Falcom also released an image featuring the map of Balduq (above), the setting of Ys IX which is also known as “The Prison City.” Ys IX: Monstrum Nox is scheduled to release on 26 September 2019.

Source: Gematsu

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