9 new characters coming to “BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle” including “Senran Kagura’s” Yumi

Over the weekend, a new trailer leaked (and was later confirmed) which indicated that BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle will receive a “2.0 update” adding a total of nine new characters including at least two from entirely new franchises: Yumi from Senran Kagura (not Homura?!) and both Akatsuki and Blitztank from Akatsuki En-Eins.

Yumi from Senran Kagura is armed with traditional paper fans, Akatsuki from Akatsuki Shisei Ichigo is a military-esque hand-to-hand fighter, while Blitztank is, as the name implies, a ten-foot-tall tank adorned with a skull on top. The 2.0 update will also add Neo Politan from RWBY, who is an umbrella-wielding fighter with a Neopolitan ice cream-inspired color scheme.

BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle is a crossover fighting game which already boasts a girthy roster drawing characters from BlazBlue, RWBY, Under Night In-Birth, Arcana Heart and Persona Arena. The 2.0 update will increase the roster to an impressive 53 characters from seven different franchises.

BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle is currently available on Nintendo Switch, PS4, and PC. The 2.0 update for is scheduled to release on 21 November.

Source: Nintendo Enthusiast

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