New characters coming to “BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle” on 21 May

Arc System Works has announced the first batch of four new characters coming to BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle as part of season 2 DLC. “Update 1.5” will include BlazBlue series veteran Naoto Kurogane, Teddie from Persona 4, Seth the Assassin from Under Night In-Birth, and Heart Aino from Arcana Hearts, which represents a completely new franchise added to the crossover fighter.

All four characters will be free for players who purchase the upcoming Deluxe Edition (or Arcade Edition) which is scheduled for release on 21 May, or they can be purchased individually when Update 1.5 launches. It has not been confirmed whether these new characters are included in the game’s “All-in-One Combo pass”, or if Arc System Works will instead collect them into a new DLC bundle. It’s important to note that Update 1.5 will also launch alongside a price cut for the base game.

Arc System Works has previously released character reveal trailers for all four new characters, which you can watch below.



BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle is a crossover fighting game which already boasts a girthy roster drawing characters from BlazBlue, RWBY, Under Night In-Birth, and the Persona Arena series for a total of 40 characters, with 20 DLC characters added since its 2018 release.

BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle is currently available on Nintendo Switch, PS4, and PC.

Source: TechRaptr


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