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WayForward releases new “River City Girls” character trailer for Kyoko

WayForward has released a new trailer for River City Girls featuring Kyoko, one of the playable characters in their upcoming sequel to the classic NES brawler, River City Ransom. Here’s the official bio for Kyoko: Kyoko is ready to go in River City Girls! Compared to her BFF Misako, she’s much more cheerful and bubbly, but don’t get her angry

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New characters coming to “BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle” on 21 May

Arc System Works has announced the first batch of four new characters coming to BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle as part of season 2 DLC. “Update 1.5” will include BlazBlue series veteran Naoto Kurogane, Teddie from Persona 4, Seth the Assassin from Under Night In-Birth, and Heart Aino from Arcana Hearts, which represents a completely new franchise added to the crossover

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