Arc System Works to bring “Mononoke Slashdown” to Nintendo Switch in November

On Thursday, Arc System Works announced at a press conference that they are publishing a Nintendo Switch port of FK Digital’s 2013 action game, Mononoke Slashdown. Originally released on for Sony’s PlayStation Mobile (remember that, kids?), Mononoke Slashdown puts the player in control of a ninja named Kagemaru who investigates the source of roving monstrous hordes which threaten peaceful towns across the land… and of course slashes those monsters into fine, monstrous filets.

Here is the full breakdown of the game from FK Digital’s website:

In Mononoke Slashdown, player character Kagemaru fights with slash combos at close range, and throws Kunai at a distance. He can also jump and perform other additional actions to avoid enemy attack. It is a classic action game for all to enjoy.

At the beginning of the game, Kagemaru has limited actions and abilities. After each stage is cleared and money is earned, players can purchase several items to enhance Kagemaru’s attack, defense, and skills. If a stage is too hard, there’s always a chance to go back to the previous stages to earn money, enhance Kagemaru, and make those hard stages a lot easier!

Kagemaru can also perform slash combos in mid-air. There are also additional skills sold in the shop.

Don’t forget to check the shop often before the start of a stage!

There are five chapters in Mononoke Slashdown, and each chapter contains seven stages. Every stage has different missions. Defeating all the enemies, protecting the villagers, etc. In every chapter there are boss characters who guard the stage. Players must defeat the boss to advance to the next chapter.

Clear the first six stages to unlock the boss stage.

The mission for every stage is different. Before the stage begins, don’t forget to check the mission!

Mononoke Slashdown will be available on the Nintendo Switch eShop sometime this November.

Source: Gematsu

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