“Double Dragon & Kunio-kun” bundle confirmed for western release

On Wednesday, Arc System Works announced that the Double Dragon & Kunio-kun Retro Brawler Bundle will be heading to western Nintendo Switch and PS4 consoles on 20 February. There is currently no word on whether the PC or Xbox One versions will be coming west.

The 18-game collection includes the original 3 Double Dragon games (the NES ports, not the arcade versions) and 15 Kunio-kun games (including 11 Kunio-kun titles originally released only for Nintendo’s Family Computer Disk System). Sorry Double Dragon V fans, you’ll always have your original Atari Jaguar carts….

Here’s the full list of games:


  • DOUBLE DRAGON (1987)
  • DOUBLE DRAGON II: The Revenge (1988)
  • DOUBLE DRAGON III: The Sacred Stones (1990)

Kunio-kun series 

  • Renegade (1986)
  • Super Dodge Ball (1988)
  • River City Ransom (1989)
  • Crash’n the Boys Street Challenge (1992)

Kunio-kun series (Published only in Japan, first time localized in NA)

  • Nekketsu Renegade Kunio-kun
  • Nekketsu High School Dodgeball Club
  • Downtown Nekketsu Story
  • Nekketsu High School Dodgeball Club – Soccer Story
  • Downtown Nekketsu March Super-Awesome Field Day!
  • Downtown Special Kunio-kun’s Historical Period Drama!
  • Go-Go! Nekketsu Hockey Club Slip-and-Slide Madness
  • Surprise! Nekketsu New Records! The Distant Gold Medal
  • Nekketsu Fighting Legend
  • Kunio-kun’s Nekketsu Soccer League
  • Nekketsu! Street Basketball All-Out Dunk Heroes

Are you excited about getting this collection in the West? Let us know in the comments! (Closes by humming the River City Ransom theme)

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