Atomic Wolf’s “Liberated” for Switch, PC is a battle against corruption with a comic book aesthetic

Atomic Wolf recently unveiled the first gameplay trailer has for Liberated, which is set to release on both Nintendo Switch and Steam PC.

Liberated is unique in that the action takes place inside the pages of a comic book, with your character traversing between comic book panels as the game progresses. It may sound a bit like SEGA’s Comix Zone on the Genesis, but while Comix Zone was more of a straight-forward brawler with a few puzzle elements mixed in, Liberated blends action, gun play, puzzles, and stealth sections, including a non-linear story based on the choices you make. You can watch the gameplay trailer below.

The story itself takes place in a dystopian future where the confluence of corporate power, misinformation, weaponised personal data, mass surveillance, and a corrupt relationship between government and media has brought society to the doorstep of revolution.

According to Atomic Wolf Creative Director Marek Czerniak:

“We intend Liberated to be a thought-provoking experience, and we’re touching on very real, familiar subjects. Liberated asks difficult questions about modern technology, control over information, and how all that power can enable the rise of authoritarianism.”

With Atomic Wolf being a Polish development studio, I suppose the Pollack employed therein would indeed have a fresh memory of living under the brutal thumb of a totalitarian regime, eh comrades?

Liberated is coming soon to both Steam PC and Nintendo Switch, though no firm release date has been announced.

Source: Nintendo Life

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