Karl O’Rowe’s sci-fi comic “Deathsworn” is an intergalactic tale of freedom and revenge

Earlier this week, independent comic book creator Karl O’Rowe launched a crowdfunding campaign for Deathsworn, an all-new 80+ page graphic novel written, illustrated, and lettered by O’Rowe himself, Deathsworn takes quite a bit of its inspiration from the sci-fi action franchises of the 1980s such as Masters of the Universe.

Here’s the breakdown of the project taken from Deathsworn Indiegogo page:

The Darkstars, An empire of sun stealing solar vampires are taking over the galaxy. Using the energy from suns for their own survival and to fuel their takeover they have enslaved and killed thousands of planetary systems.

One hardened warrior with a burning vengeance stands against them. But DEATHSWORN must learn to work with a rebel princess and a wild card pilot if he hopes to survive.

Backers can get a copy of Deathsworn for $25, while those with more cash to spend can pick up a few more extras, including additional copies of the book, sketch cards, a 46-page black-and-white ashcan prequel comic, and a unique sketch cover variant.

Still need convincing? Take a look at the artwork below, or head over to the full Deathsworn Indiegogo page here.

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