Josh Howard’s superhero duo “T-Bird & Throttle” return!

Earlier this week, independent comic book artist and How Rad Comics founder Josh Howard launched a crowdfunding campaign for T-Bird & Throttle #3. Heavily influenced by the art of Bruce Timm and Batman the Animated Series, T-Bird & Throttle is a sci-fi, superhero miniseries written and illustrated by Howard himself.

Here’s the pitch straight from the T-Bird & Throttle Indiegogo page:

T-BIRD unleashed! Mitch returns to earth to confront his enemies while his daughter Emily is forced to choose between standing with her father or joining the outrage mob. The truth behind the conspiracy is revealed in T-BIRD & THROTTLE Book 3!

After 2 successful campaigns, T-BIRD & THROTTLE is back with its 3rd chapter! Inspired by the comics & cartoons of the 80s & 90s, T-BIRD & THROTTLE is a story about comic book heroes and villains and what defines them – and how those definitions shift with changing times.

Backers can get a digital version of T-Bird & Throttle issue 3 for $10, while digital versions of issues 0, 1, 2, and 3 are $25. If you prefer physical copies, issue 3 starts at $20 while the 0-3 bundle is $40. For those with more cash to spend, there are a couple of higher-end backing tiers which include variant covers or original artwork.

You can take a gander at some sample artwork below or visit the full T-Bird & Throttle Indiegogo campaign page here. (That She-Hulk tribute cover should be a pinup, if you ask me)

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