Kyle Ritter’s sci-fi comic “Starblades” hits “Six Figures, Bitch!”

On Friday, the crowdfunding campaign for Kyle Ritter’s sci-fi graphic novel Starblades crossed the coveted “Six Figures, bitch!” threshold, raising more than $100 thousand with only hours remaining in the crowdfunding period. This is an incredible total for Ritter, as Starblades is his very first creator-owned project. He’s already made quite a name for himself as a colorist on other comic projects such as Cyberfrog: Blood Honey. but Ritter clearly has a knack for line art, as well.

This particular campaign will fund the first part of a three-part trilogy, with the first book which is now 90 girthy pages (thanks to stretch goals).* Here’s a plot breakdown taken from the StarBlades Indiegogo campaign page.

Congratulations to Ritter and everyone else on the Starblades team. You can check out the full Starblades Indiegogo campaign here, but act fast! The campaign ends in less than 12 hours at the time of this writing.

*Note: post updated to correct page count. Thanks for the heads-up, Michael G!

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