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Kyle Ritter reveals full roster for upcoming “Starblades” graphic novel; Indiegogo campaign delayed to 22 July

Independent comic book creator Kyle Ritter (Cyberfrog: Blood Honey) recently announced that the crowdfunding campaign for his upcoming Starblades graphic novel has been slightly delayed from 18 July to 22 July, allowing Ritter a bit more time to polish the project a bit before launching the Indiegogo campaign. The good news, however, is that Ritter has finally revealed the names

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The first 5 pages of Kyle Ritter’s “Starblades” are breathtaking

Comic book creator Kyle Ritter (Cyberfrog: Blood Honey) is inching ever closer to launching a crowdfunding campaign for his new sci-fi graphic novel, Starblades. After dropping teaser images for months, Ritter has now started dropping artwork of fully colored pages, and it looks like comic art aficionados have quite a bit to look forward to. Ritter intends to launch the

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Kyle Ritter teases new comic “Starblades”; launching this summer on Indiegogo

Comic book creator Kyle Ritter has been showing off his colorist talents for about a year now on Ethan Van Sciver’s Cyberfrog: Blood Honey, but now he’s ready to test his skills as a line artist, too. This summer, Ritter plans to launch a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo for a new sci-fi graphic novel titled Starblades. For the moment, Ritter

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