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Crowdfunding Review: “Sovereign Wolf” (D.O.A. Comics)

Arriving at my doorstep yesterday was D.O.A. Comics’ Sovereign Wolf.* I was excited to get it and read it immediately. For my review, the categories I’ll be adjudicating will be the following: Book Content and Quality Communication and Fulfillment Packaging and Shipping Stretch Goals and Bonuses This is Eddie Winkler’s first solo crowdfunding project, and Sovereign Wolf raised over $26,000

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Crowdfunding Review: “Starblades” (Kyle Ritter, ALL CAPS Comics)

As a new contributor to The Splintering, my first order of business is to thank them for giving me the opportunity to review the greatest entertainment medium in my opinion, comic books. I’ve collected comics for over 47 years and I’ve published comics for 6 years. It’s a long-time passion of mine (some might say obsession, and I can’t dispute

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