Crowdfunding Review: “Sovereign Wolf” (D.O.A. Comics)

Arriving at my doorstep yesterday was D.O.A. Comics’ Sovereign Wolf.* I was excited to get it and read it immediately. For my review, the categories I’ll be adjudicating will be the following:

  • Book Content and Quality
  • Communication and Fulfillment
  • Packaging and Shipping
  • Stretch Goals and Bonuses

This is Eddie Winkler’s first solo crowdfunding project, and Sovereign Wolf raised over $26,000 as of June 8th, 2021. It is still in demand at the time of this writing.

Book Content and Quality

First, Lucas Meyer’s art is top-notch and backing this book is money well-spent. I thoroughly enjoyed the visuals. Truly eye-pleasing and attention-grabbing artwork. My only complaint is that because this book is perfect-bound, some of the panels were much too close to the inner margins at the binding and it was hard to see and read some of it.

The colors are vivid and it’s easy to distinguish the characters from the background and from one another. Giuliano Peratelli does this book proud and I expect we’re going to see a lot more from this distinctive colorist.

The lettering was handled by Eric Weathers, and his skill for this makes it very clear why so many people are looking to hire him and why his Twitter handle is “Eric Weathers letters everything.”

The story written by Winkler is an example of how a story needs to flow, how foreshadowing is done, and how to introduce characters in such a way that the reader wants to learn more and become in invested in them. Motivations are mysterious at first and are slowly and skillfully revealed throughout the graphic novel. Some would say there are a few pages with too much exposition, and I might agree, but I didn’t feel bogged down by it. I felt as I was reading that the information was important and necessary to understand what was happening.

Art and Colors Grade: A

Writing Grade: A

Overall Book Content and Quality Grade: A

Communication and Fulfillment

I backed Sovereign Wolf  in January 2021, and it was the Lucky Number 13th book I backed this year. Communication was frequent and sincere and for every delay, no matter how minor, Winkler was forthcoming transparent and apologetic.

It reached the end of its funding period in January 2021, and I received it a day earlier than the tracking number indicated. Fulfillment was handled in a timely fashion and I would back his next campaign with confidence. Customer service matters to Winkler, and it shows.

Grade: A

Packaging and Shipping

Eddie Winkler has become a gold standard with regard to this category. The mailer box this product came in was beautifully branded with the “Bad Moon Rising” cover version, included an ‘inspected by’ line on the interior side, signed by Winkler, my contribution number and selected perk were on the box, showing an attention to detail that other creators can to aspire to.

The book and other items were packaged very professionally and with great care for the customer. The book came in a comic sized bubble-wrap bag with board, and I was able to remove the packing tape with very minimal damage to the box. It was well protected and arrived in great condition. It had a bag and board and was sealed with a D.O.A. branded sticker.

Grade: A

Stretch Goals and Bonuses

There were six stretch goals, one at 1 backer, then one at $1,000, $5,000, $10,000, $20,000 and $30,000 all very reasonable for a first campaign that has this much quality. At the time of this writing, five of them have been unlocked. The unlocked stretch goals were a crack and peel sticker, a 6×9 print of Page 1, a cover upgrade with spot UV varnish, a papercraft figure by Blockhedz and a six sticker set by SixAMComics. The one to yet be unlocked is a set of 9 trading cards.

These items look great, but seem to be very inexpensive in comparison to the goals which were set to award them.

Grade: B-

If you’re a backer of Sovereign WolfI am confident you’re going to be very pleased and glad you were a part of this comic’s production. If you’re not a backer, but are still interested in picking up a copy for yourself, then you can do so at the Sovereign Wolf in-demand page here.

Overall Grade: A

*Disclosure: The author of this review is also an independent comic book creator.

Thanks for reading!

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