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Crowdfunding Review: “Sovereign Wolf” (D.O.A. Comics)

Arriving at my doorstep yesterday was D.O.A. Comics’ Sovereign Wolf.* I was excited to get it and read it immediately. For my review, the categories I’ll be adjudicating will be the following: Book Content and Quality Communication and Fulfillment Packaging and Shipping Stretch Goals and Bonuses This is Eddie Winkler’s first solo crowdfunding project, and Sovereign Wolf raised over $26,000

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Bark at the Moon! “Sovereign Wolf: Clan Destiny” Fully Funded on Indiegogo

Late last week, D.O.A. Comics (Dose of Action) launched a crowdfunding campaign for Sovereign Wolf: Clan Destiny, a new graphic novel that takes a sci-fi approach to lycanthrope (werewolves, ya’ dink!). This 100-page book is intended as the first of an ongoing series, and includes multiple stories from the creative talent of writers Lucas Meyer, Gabriel Caitano, and Renan Shody,

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Eddie Winkler teases new sci-fi comic “Sovereign Wolf”

Recently, aspiring independent comic book creator Eddie Winkler has been furiously teasing Sovereign Wolf, a new graphic novel featuring artwork by Lucas Meyer and Caanan White (Brand). Described as “the epic battle between the shapeshifters of good and the hybrids of evil”, Sovereign Wolf is a sci-fi adventure inspired by Warhammer 40K and the work of Richard C. Meyer (Jawbreakers).

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