The Splintering’s “Festival of Dread” begins this October!

All Hallow’s Eve is nigh!

To celebrate the dark, terrifying and macabre side of life, The Splintering is launching its very first Festival of Dread event, in which we will post all manner of creepy content intended to set the Halloween mood!

We’ve also added Festival of Dread items to our Teespring store! We don’t run any paid ads on The Splintering, so if you enjoy the work that we do and would like to support the site – while getting into the Halloween spirit at the same time – check out the new Festival of Dread designs here. (Starting at just $10.99!)

We hope that you will enjoy the creepy content we have in store for our Festival of Dread, and – as always – thanks for reading!

The Splintering_t-shirt_halloween_festival_of_dread_black_teespring

$10.99 is a ghoulishly good deal!


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