Throwback visceral horror comics at their finest- Mike West’s “Body Trade” now on Indiegogo

Late last week, independent comic book creator Mike West launched a crowdfunding campaign for Body Trade, an ultra-violent, 48-page thriller described as a love letter horror movies of the 1980s. Here’s the official breakdown of the project taken from the Body Trade Indiegogo campaign page:

Do you love 80’s horror movies and comic books? Then you’ve come to the right place!

Body Trade is a 48+ page horror-themed comic with the visual styling of an old Tales from the Crypt comic and a story that will take you back to the campy fun days of 80’s horror (Slumber Party Massacre / Re-Animator/ Return of the Living Dead / Big Trouble in Little China / etc).

Have no doubt that this will be one sexy comic packed with 80’s nostalgia and, of course, some kick-ass ladies! We have packed Body Trade with all of your favorites: BLOOD, BOOBS, & BODY PARTS!

Body Trade is Horror as Horror should be with uncompromising attention to detail and quality! The artwork speaks for itself, go on and look, it’s okay. *Note: If we do not fully fund, we will reimburse all backers!*

What is Body Trade about?

The black market Body Trade is a dirty business – but a VERY lucrative one! Like a car, the human body is worth more when it is “parted out” – and this is exactly what our girls find out when they accidentally kill a man and need to dispose of the body.

Follow the girls as they discover how to sell other peoples’ bodies instead of selling their own to sleazy johns. Their hate for their clientele and their state of living soon becomes the catalyst to dive into a get-rich-quick scheme. What our ladies don’t count on are the risks of the trade, especially as they begin to draw too much attention to themselves.

Don’t count them out, though — they are kickass, fearless, and dangerous when they need to be! The story climaxes (pun intended) with a potentially disastrous turn of events that will drastically change how the girls survive their new business venture.

Backers can get a digital version of Body Trade for $8, while physical copies start at $25. You can also get two copies of the book for $40, so you can save a bit of cash if you and a friend want to go in together.

There are also several stretch goals already outlined (for backers of the physical book tiers). These include page and cover quality boost, a page count increase to 64 pages, and at $30 thousand, a second comic titled The Abaddon, a 48-page anthology about a motel run by the devil where “Guests check in and are faced with their worst fears.” That’s a nice bonus.

Interested? You can check out some sample artwork below or visit the full Body Trade campaign page here.

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