“Graveyard Shift” scribe teases new comic project “Sea Dog and Codename: Kill Switch”

On Sunday, independent comic book creator Mark Poulton (Graveyard Shift) teased a superhero-themed new comic book project Sea Dog and Codename: Kill Switch. Before getting to the details, here’s the teaser image that Poulton shared via social media. (Spoilers! There are very few details)

The teased image clearly has a retro 90s vibe, featuring superhero proportions, guns, and dynamic artwork. Joining Poulton in the creation of Sea Dog and Codename: Kill Switch is his co-writing son Chase Poulton (Pizza Tree) and artist Clint Hilinski (Voltron, Justice League).

Like what you’re seeing? Set your calendar reminders, because the crowdfunding campaign for Sea Dog and Codename: Kill Switch is scheduled to launch on 1 November via Indiegogo.

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