Review: “Harley Quinn: Hot in the City” (DC Comics)

Harley Quinn is recovering from her Puddin’ (a.k. a Joker) breaking her heart in Harley Quinn Volume 1: Hot In The City. In this volume is a mix between comedy and a butt-kicking superhero that is super adorable.

Just like the upcoming movie, Birds of Prey (releasing in February 2020), Harley is romping around in New York, causing mayhem wherever she goes.

Harley inherits a building in Coney Island from a patient at Arkham Asylum. But there is a catch: she has to get a job to pay all the building codes and back taxes. Harley packs all her belongings onto her bike with her burnt pet beaver. While riding into New York, she encounters an attempt on her life. And of course, she kicks his butt and adds a new pet as she teaches an abusive dog owner a lesson.

As she pulls up to the address, hoping the building that houses a freak show, Creepshow, and Madame Macabre’s House of Wax and Murder was the correct address. “Jackpot. I hit the friggin Jackpot.”

Harley Quinn_hot in the city_amanda connor_jimmy palmiotti_dc comics

She starts to get comfortable in her new place, but slowly realizes that there is a hit on her head. She has to fight off several dozen assassin attempts with a little bit of help from her strange new friends that are the residences of her building. There is an abundance of humor mixed with brute force, as Harley causes mayhem on the streets of New York. The humor comes in the form of some special berries that make everyone fall in love with her. And there is a lot of help from her newly found friends.

Harley brings out her former personality – psychiatrist Harleen Quinzel – to land her first job as a psychiatrist. Then shortly after that, she lands a second job as Harley Hammer, a roller derby girl. These girls will be sorry. She shows off her talents and discovers some new ass-kicking girlfriends.

Harley Quinn_hot in the city_amanda connor_jimmy palmiotti_dc comics_art.png

That is not the only problem that Harley runs into while trying to save her building. In an attempt to raise money, she takes a ring to a jeweler and finds herself in the middle of a robbery. She cons the owner to give her the money that she needs to save the building if she can stop the gang.

But who is going to come out on top? Of course, the unstoppable Harley Quinn.

If you are a Harley girl fan, then Hot in The City is a must-read. The book is full of blood-spilling action, emotions, and laughs. I can’t wait to see how it compares to the new Birds of Prey movie in February, where Harleen Qunizel comes alive again.

Harley Quinn Volume 1: Hot In The City is written  by Amanda Connor and Jimmy Palmiotti.

Harley Quinn_hot in the city_amanda connor_jimmy palmiotti_dc comics_cover_new 52.jpg

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