“Iron Sights: 2 Psychos” graphic novel is now killing it on Indiegogo

Over the weekend, independent comic book creator Richard C. Meyer launched a crowdfunding campaign for Iron Sights: 2 Psychos, a sequel to the very successful Iron Sights graphic novel which Meyer crowdfunded last year. This new 100-page book is written by Meyer (Jawbreakers), illustrated by Ibai Canales (The Abductables) and features cover artwork by Kelsey Shannon (Nora’s Saga). It’s also a runaway success, having already raised more than $36 thousand.

But what is 2 Psychos all about? Here’s the pitch taken from the Iron Sights: 2 Psychos Indiegogo campaign page: (minor spoilers for the first Iron Sights book)

Esme is running her own cartel with Ramadi as one of her enforcers. Harm, a deep-cover operative recruited by Special Agent Woods for OPERATION MARGRAVE finds himself trapped in his undercover assignment after Woods’ death. Add in a schizophrenic tourist, a depressed homicidal giant and two young people in love and you get… IRON SIGHTS: 2 PSYCHOS!

Backers can get physical copy of 2 Psychos and a pin-up poster for $25, while those who missed the original Iron Sights can get both books bundled together along with 4 pin-up posters for $50. If the campaign reaches $100k, Meyer has also promised to sign each book.

Interested? You can check out some sample artwork below or visit the full Iron Sights: 2 Psychos Indiegogo campaign page here.

Don’t call it “Dos Locos”

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