Updated! Crowdfunding campaign for “Iron Sights: 2 Psychos” ends big; still available in-demand

Update: Since the publishing of this post on Tuesday, the Iron Sights: 2 Psychos project has indeed raised more than $100 thousand, putting it firmly across the six figures bitchthreshold.

The original post follows:

Overnight, the crowdfunding campaign for Richard C. Meyer’s Iron Sights: 2 Psychos ended successfully, raising more than $98 thousand at the time of this writing (just shy of the blessed “six figures bitch” threshold).*

2 Psychos is the sequel to 2018’s breakout hit, Iron Sights. Written by Richard C. Meyer (Jawbreakers) illustrated by Ibai Canales (The Abductables) and showcasing cover art by Kelsey Shannon (Norah’s Saga), the Iron Sights series is a crime drama featuring drug cartels on the Mexican border.

Sad that you missed out on the campaign? You’re in luck. Now that the crowdfunding period has ended, the Iron Sights: 2 Psychos Indiegogo page has transitioned to an in-demand store for a limited time, so you can still buy into the project.

Congratulations to Meyer, Canales, and the rest of the Iron Sights team, and good luck reaching six figures, bitch in the coming days. You can visit the Iron Sights: 2 Psychos in-demand store here. If you still need convincing, check out the pinup poster you can get featuring returning Iron Sights character Esme below.

Esme poster art by Sasha Perdigao

*Disclaimer: the author of this post is a backer of the Iron Sights: 2 Psychos project.

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