Allegiance triple-pack now available on Indiegogo: “Norah’s Saga,” “Bass Reeves,” “The Futurists”

On Monday, the newly-formed entertainment company Allegiance Arts launched a single crowdfunding campaign for three separate comic book projects: The Futurists, Marshall Bass Reeves and Norah’s Saga. Each book is 24-25 pages and will be available in a “Founder’s Edition” for a limited time.

Here’s the pitch followed by a breakdown of all three books below:

Three teams of creators have poured their passion into exciting new adventures. These exclusive Founder’s Edition debut comics are COMPLETE and READY TO PRINT! Each book is 24-25 pages of action-packed adventure, 73 pages in total! Time is limited, preorder yours TODAY. Saying “YES!” to these incredible stories will help put a new era of heroes into the hands of a new generation of fans.

Your support gives you a sneak peek at the creative process and exclusive insights into each book through regular campaign updates. Upgrade your order at checkout with a host of great add-ons like t-shirts, posters, and digital comics. ALL backers receive an Allegiance Sticker and a Founder’s Edition Bookmark, so you’ll never get lost on your adventure.


1866. Stricken by an insidious curse, three outrageous egos race to unearth the mythical lost city of Shambhala. In their way is Teddy, a treasure-hunting rogue with a dark secret who must save the family he left behind. To rescue his daughter, Hannah, from dark magic, Teddy must forge an unlikely alliance with Harij, a beguiling young shaman who is much more than he seems. Together, they will navigate a war-torn landscape and face terrifying monsters, murderous cults, macabre plots, and the exotic mysteries of ancient India.

24 story pages. 32 pages total.

Script: Patrick Stiles Art: Butch Guice Ink Assist: Rick Magyar Color: Mitch & Elizabeth Breitweiser Letters: Eric Weathers


“There is no law west of St. Louis, and no God west of Fort Smith.” So says Judge Isaac Parker. But “The Hanging Judge” will need a new breed of lawman to tame the badlands of the Oklahoma territories, a man who would walk into Hell to bring the law to the Devil himself.

He needs Bass Reeves.

Slave. Lawman. Legend.

This is the true story of how the West was won.

25 story pages. 32 pages total.

Script: Kevin Grevioux Art: David Williams Color: Kelsey Shannon Letters: Eric Weathers


New school. New World, literally.

Sassy, book-smart Norah Karlsson’s quest to fit in becomes an epic tale of survival when she crashes through the mists of time and into a realm of ice and Norse legend.

The high school’s mean girls had nothing on the god of mischief, and at least they never tied her to a stake. Bullies? Try trolls, and not the Internet variety.

Forget sharing a table with the cool kids in the cafeteria; Norah would be just as happy if she didn’t have to slay her lunch!

24 story pages. 32 pages total.

Script: Blake Northcott Art and Color: Kelsey Shannon Letters: Eric Weathers

Backers can get a digital version of all three books for $15, while physical copies start at $25 (including an Allegiance Arts sticker and bookmark). If you want extra swag, there’s also options to pick up t-shirts, posters, and the opportunity to have your likeness drawn into one of the three books.

Interested? You can check out some sample artwork below or visit the full Allegiance Arts triple-pack Indiegogo campaign page here.

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