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Blake Northcott’s “Everglade Angels” graphic novel brings murder mystery to the swamps

Over the weekend, comic book writer Blake Northcott launched a crowdfunding campaign for Everglade Angels, a new 48-page graphic novel for mature audiences only. Written by Scott Lobdell and featuring artwork by Roc Upchurch, Everglade Angels is a “survival horror” tale surrounding a murder mystery in the Florida Everglades. Here’s a summary of the Everglade Angels taken from the Kickstarter

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Husband and wife team behind “Red Rooster” launching new comic publishing company: Allegiance

Some backers of Mitch Breitweiser’s Red Rooster: Golden Age Indiegogo campaign have raised concerns over the lack of updates on the project. On a recent livestream with Edwin Boyette, Breitweiser answered these concerns, revealing that he has in fact been a very, very busy man. As Breitweiser puts it, “We set out to make an Indiegogo comic book, and ended

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Mitch Breitweiser teases “Nora’s Saga”, a collaboration with Blake Northcott and Kelsey Shannon

Comic book artist Mitch Breitweiser (Red Rooster) has started teasing a new project titled Nora’s Saga, a collaboration with writer Blake Northcott (The North Valley Grimoire) and colorist Kelsey Shannon (Jawbreakers). At the moment, little else is known about the book. Even Breitweiser himself jokingly refers to Nora’s Saga as a “super secret project.” All three creators have previously used

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