Allegiance Arts Comics Delayed (Again); 2021 Plans Revealed

According to a recent announcement by Allegiance Arts, the third wave of Allegiance comics have been delayed until February 2021. This includes all four of Allegiance’s titles: Red Rooster, Bass Reeves, Norah’s Saga and The Futurists. Originally scheduled to release on Walmart shelves in September (and later November), this newest delay is being blamed on, erm, Walmart’s end-of-year inventory… I think.

Have a look for yourself at the official announcement from Allegiance:

The much-anticipated Episode 3 books from Allegiance Arts must be rescheduled to February 19. While the books are ready to ship, this regrettable delay is necessary to avoid our fresh editions from being swept away in our retailer’s year-end clearing house.

We understand fans will be disappointed—we are too! But this move ensures that we make the most of our relaunch.

Also new this February, each title includes a special preview of Allegiance Arts’ new adventure-thriller The Saints (more on that soon). orders will now arrive polybagged with reinforced backings to ensure they arrive in collectible condition. Episode 3 books also head to stores with new displays.

There is more in the works (always). We’ll be in touch through the weeks ahead as we prepare to blow the doors off 2021.

This latest delay means it will be a full five months since issue two landed at your local Walmart, which kind of negates the purpose of shipping books periodically as individual issues, if you ask me.

Allegiance blamed previous delays on COVID-19-related difficulties.

At least it’s not all bad news, eh? Those who purchase their Allegiance titles via Walmart’s website can now look forward to having their books arrive bagged and boarded. There’s also that mysterious new series The Saints to look forward to.

For those who have not followed Allegiance Arts from the beginning, here’s a quick primer. Before Allegiance Arts was ever founded by the husband and wife team of Mitch & Elizabeth Breitweiser, the flagship book Red Rooster was crowdfunded as a graphic novel in mid-2018. Backers of the project have yet to receive their books, while Walmart customers have been able to pick up Red Rooster piecemeal as two separate issues. This has angered a number of the original backers, who take issue with putting their trust, faith and cash behind the book, while Walmart patrons actually got “first dibs.”

Do you buy the latest explanation? It looks as though not all fans are on board, while some are understandably upset.

He looks understandably upset

At least Walmart shoppers are now getting a slight taste of what Red Rooster backers have been force-fed since… Huh. When was that Red Rooster book originally supposed to ship to backers?

Oh. Right. March 2019.

Ho, ho, ho boy…

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