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Polymega Manufacturer Asks Walmart Customers to Cancel Their Preorders

Despite a few delays along the way, the release of the retro clone console known as the Polymega is nearly upon us. However, the system’s manufacturer Playmaji is asking for Walmart customers to cancel their preorders with the retail giant. Why? Here’s the official statement from Playmaji: “Walmart.com went through a personel change sometime in Q3-Q4 of last year, and

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Allegiance Arts Comics Delayed (Again); 2021 Plans Revealed

According to a recent announcement by Allegiance Arts, the third wave of Allegiance comics have been delayed until February 2021. This includes all four of Allegiance’s titles: Red Rooster, Bass Reeves, Norah’s Saga and The Futurists. Originally scheduled to release on Walmart shelves in September (and later November), this newest delay is being blamed on, erm, Walmart’s end-of-year inventory… I

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DC Comics censors late artist Michael Turner’s work in Walmart reprints

Chilean artist Mr. Genzoman pointed out on social media that DC Comics has censored the late Michael Turner’s artwork in issues #9 and #10 of Giant-Sized Superman. Without beating around the bush, here are the comparison images. Completely flattened out If it’s not evident from the images, the artwork around both Wonder Woman’s and Artemis’ posteriors has been altered –

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