Polymega Manufacturer Asks Walmart Customers to Cancel Their Preorders

Despite a few delays along the way, the release of the retro clone console known as the Polymega is nearly upon us. However, the system’s manufacturer Playmaji is asking for Walmart customers to cancel their preorders with the retail giant.


Here’s the official statement from Playmaji:

“Walmart.com went through a personel change sometime in Q3-Q4 of last year, and since then have stopped responding to our emails and phone calls, despite repeated attempts to get in contact with them regarding fulfillment of the North American preorders. We gave our 5+ contacts at walmart.com and their distributor SOLUTIONS2GO ample to respond and rectify the situation over several attempts to contact, but they have left us with no response, despite even threats of legal action due to the significant issues this has caused us all.

“So, we are taking matters back into our own hands now. Since we have no visibility into who or how many people have ordered Polymega’s from walmart.com, please let your friends know to change their preorders over to our website and we will fulfill them directly to you as soon as possible. We will provide a precise timeline once we know how many are ordered but they will likely be fulfilled in Apr-May 2021 given the ballpark numbers we did get before Walmart went dark on us.

“We will leave the WALMART50 discount code up for 60 days to allow everyone time to receive refunds from Walmart for those who previously ordered on Polymega.com. More information on ship dates will be posted to our website in the next few days.”

Sounds to us as though Walmart is simply applying the same customer service standards to their vendors as they do to their customers…

In any case, Playmaji certainly appears adamant about their concerns with the lack of communications on Walmart’s part. This will mean that your Polymega system will be arriving later than you might have hoped (looks like April or May), but perhaps that discount will soften the blow a bit, eh?

The Polymega is a modular, CD-based console that uses emulation to play the games of several retro consoles such as the SEGA CD, Saturn, Neo Geo CD, PlayStation, 32X CD and TurboGrafx CD. Add-on modules are also available which allow for playing cartridge-based games from other consoles, including the Super NES, SEGA Genesis, NES, and TurboGrafx-16. These modules also have controller ports designed for using the original hardware controller’s, too.

So cancel those Walmart preorders and use that discount code directly at the Polymega website. At least that’s what Playmaji says. It’s unclear whether there will be any way for Playmaji to check if you actually had a Walmart preorder, but you would never abuse their trust and use the discount code dishonestly, would you?

Source: Mega Visions

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