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Is the Polymega packing heat? Lightgun support may be announced at E3 2019

Polymega has been hard at work trying to set their CD-centric clone console apart from the competition. One sure-fire way to do that would be to add light gun support, which is what Polymega HQ appears to be teasing on social media. The Polymega is a CD-based multi-system “clone console” which supports games from the SEGA CD, PlayStation 1, Neo

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Polymega releases several Saturn gameplay videos after launch trailer raises questions

Earlier in September, Polymega released a launch trailer for their upcoming clone console. As part of that reveal, they also announced that the Polymega would support SEGA Saturn software. This produced a lot of smiles but also raised a few eyebrows, as skeptical retro gamers are well aware of how difficult the Saturn’s hardware is to emulate. To add fuel

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Polymega announces SEGA Saturn support; clarifies video footage error (updated)

There’s certainly no shortage of clone consoles out there for retro gaming enthusiasts to choose from. What sets the Polymega apart from other multi-console systems such as the Retron 5 or the Retro Freak is that the base model Polymega is designed to play CD-based games, including those from the SEGA CD, PlayStation 1, Neo Geo CD, and the TurboGrafx-CD.

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