“SEGA Ages Fantasy Zone” for Nintendo Switch launches 28 November in Japan

Earlier this week, SEGA announced that SEGA Ages: Fantasy Zone for Nintendo Switch will launch on the Japanese eShop on 28 November (that’s tomorrow) for ¥999 (roughly $9.15, or $1.42 in Bison Dollars).

Originally released in arcades in 1985, Fantasy Zone is a side-scrolling shooter in which you can pilot your ship in all four directions at will (similar to Resogun for you young whipper-snappers, or Defender for us old geezers). Instead of collecting power-ups as you play, you collect coins to be spent in shops, where you can buy extra lives, single-use super weapons, upgrade your main gun and bombs, or boost your ship’s speed.

Here is a breakdown of the new features for the “SEGA Ages” edition taken from the game’s website:

Coin Stock System

“Coin Stock” is an assist feature for players who may not be good at shoot ’em up games. In the game, your bank increases in proportion to the amount of coins you collect. As your bank increases, useful options to increase the time limit for shots and amount of coins enemies drop will become available.

Extra Bosses

By meeting certain requirements while playing, original boss characters that appeared in versions such as the Sega Mark III version will barge their way onto the screen. Enjoy arcade-quality extra boss battles.

*Settings can be configured in the options menu.

Upa-Upa Mode

An alternate mode starring Opa-Opa’s younger brother Upa-Upa. There are no shop bubbles, and you can start playing by withdrawing your savings from the Coin Stock. As long as you have the budget for it, all weapons can be used at any time. The ending is also slightly different from the original mode.

Time Attack Mode

Attempt to clear the arcade version from beginning to end in as little time as possible. You have infinite lives, so there are never any “Game Overs.” Anyone can make it to the last boss as long as they fight on.

Other Sega Ages Features

Both the initially shipped arcade version and the new arcade version are included in Sega Ages Fantasy Zone. And in addition to unique, trivial elements such as the “Base Marker” that indicates the position of your base off-screen, regular Sega Ages elements such as online leaderboards, replays, and HD rumble are also supported.

Source: Gematsu

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