Top Cow to republish classic “Witchblade” comics in new collected edition

On Wednesday, Top Cow announced that they are partnering with Image Comics to bring the classic Witchblade comics back to print, starting with a collected edition titled The Complete Witchblade Volume One.

Here’s the summary of the collection taken from Image Comics’ website:

This first collection of the bestselling series created by MARC SILVESTRI, DAVID WOHL, BRIAN HABERLIN, and MICHAEL TURNER equips streetwise cop Sara Pezzini with the mysterious Witchblade, a weapon of prehistoric origin and untold power. As the artifact’s bearer, Sara goes toe to toe with a Machiavellian industrialist, supernatural serial killers, and far worse, as the supernatural underworld of New York alters the course of her destiny forever. Gorgeously rendered and painstakingly assembled as the first in a series of absolute collected editions. When all eight volumes are collected, a special piece of cross-volume connecting spine art by STJEPAN SEJIC will be revealed. Collects WITCHBLADE #1-19, THE DARKNESS #9 & 10, TALES OF THE WITCHBLADE #1/2 & 3

That’s a girthy stack of 23 issues all in one tight package. The book is rated “mature”, and Top Cow Ops Director Henry Barajas has confirmed that the art will remain as it was originally printed (unlike when DC Comics censored the late Michael Turner’s artwork earlier this year).

The Complete Witchblade Vol. One is scheduled to release 25 March 2020 for $29.99. You can preorder the book at your local comic shop using Diamond distribution ID: NOV190047.

Now THAT is art. (We know it’s not Michael Turner’s work, but LOOK!)

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