YouTube hits “Alice” developer American McGee with false copyright claims for his own game

On Tuesday, celebrated video game developer and Alice series creator American McGee revealed that his YouTube channel had been struck by a large number of copyright claims for “let’s play” style videos of his own game, Alice: Madness Returns. The claims come from Gustavo Canine Games, a Portuguese-language YouTube channel which has produced gaming-related content for six years.

Clearly frustrated by the situation, McGee publicized the ordeal via social media. Gustavo Canine Games has recorded Let’s Play videos of Alice: Madness Returns in the past, but that certainly doesn’t give them ownership of the game’s content (unless McGee is merely re-uploading GCG’s videos, which doesn’t appear to be the case). The Splintering has reached out to Gustavo Canine Games for comment, but have yet to receive a response at the time of this writing. However, according to recent posts to their channel, Gustavo Canine Games has experienced some technical difficulties with posting to YouTube, so it’s possible that the claims are somehow tied into these issues.

While McGee is the creator of Alice: Madness Returns, the IP is owned by Electronic Arts, so EA would be the only legitimate claimant to the copyrighted content in McGee’s Let’s Play videos, unless there was musical tracks in the game which were not covered by an exclusive licensing agreement.

Hopefully this issue gets ironed out quickly. In the meantime, you can visit American McGee’s YouTube channel here.

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