Manga-inspired Comic “Battle Maiden Knuckle Bomb” returns to Indiegogo

Did you miss your chance to get the first issue of Keung Lee’s Battle Maiden Knuckle Bomb? Are you seeing all of the social media posts of satisfied backers receiving their copies of the manga/anime-inspired comic and feeling jealous as %*+&?

You’re in luck, because Lee launched a crowdfunding campaign overnight for a second printing of the successfully-crowdfunded book. This new campaign also has a lower price of entry, making it even easier to make the Knuckle Bomb plunge!

The new version of BMKB is a 56-page, black and white comic, this time printed on newsprint. Lee notes that he wants everyone who missed issue #1 to get the chance to pick it up before he launches the campaign for the second book.

Isn’t there anyone who can tell you what Battle Maiden Knuckle Bomb is all about? Sure, Charlie Brown. I can tell you what Battle Maiden Knuckle Bomb is about.

Lights, please:

Forced to create genetically enhanced bioweapons by an evil organization, Doctor Albert Vogel is a scientist that has unlocked the limitations of human potential by creating a mutagen that can transform the average person into a superhuman fighting machine. When Vogel refuses to create an army of super soldiers for his sinister overlords, they kidnap his beloved niece, Saaya, threatening her life as leverage against him.

Injected with a mutagen granting her a superhuman physique and special powers, Saaya feels like a stranger within her own body. But with their lives on the line, she is forced to fight back in order to save her uncle and escape from the dreaded Court of the Black Sun!

Backers can get the “core set” for $15, which includes a signed copy of the book, a set of trading cards, poster print, and a special foil card. If you would prefer to have the first printing edition of the book, there is a limited number of original run copies left, but they’re a bit pricier at $75. There’s also a $200 sketch cover option, which includes a unique, hand drawn cover by Keung Lee himself.

Interested? You can check out some sample artwork below or visit the full Battle Maiden Knuckle Bomb Indiegogo campaign page here.

I’d happily knuckle bomb that battle maiden… hey, get your mind out the gutter! This is a “teen” rated book!

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