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Keung Lee’s “Battle Maiden Knuckle Bomb” Sequel is Live – and Already Fully Funded – on Indiegogo

Over the weekend, independent comic book creator Keung Lee launched a crowdfunding campaign for Battle Maiden Knuckle Bomb #2, the 64-page follow-up to 2019’s successful action adventure. Like its predecessor, this sequel is an instant success, having already crushed its original funding goal for a total of more than $13 thousand at the time of this writing. Written and illustrated

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Manga-inspired Comic “Battle Maiden Knuckle Bomb” returns to Indiegogo

Did you miss your chance to get the first issue of Keung Lee’s Battle Maiden Knuckle Bomb? Are you seeing all of the social media posts of satisfied backers receiving their copies of the manga/anime-inspired comic and feeling jealous as %*+&? You’re in luck, because Lee launched a crowdfunding campaign overnight for a second printing of the successfully-crowdfunded book. This

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