Celebrated comic creator Barry Windsor-Smith comes out of semi-retirement to release “Monsters”

British comic book creator Barry Windsor-Smith (Weapon X, Archer and Armstrong) is coming out of semi-retirement in 2020 to release Monsters, a new 250+ page graphic novel. The idea for Monsters began in the 1980s, when Windsor-Smith pitched it to Marvel as a Hulk story. The celebrated writer/artist has since repurposed and expanded the idea into a fully creator-owned property.

Here’s a brief summary of the plot according to Windsor-Smith:

“This ground-breaking novel explores the disastrous effects of a Nazi program of genetic engineering, discovered at the close of World War II, upon two American families… Told through intimate, naturalistic dialog and drawings, this tale of the cascading legacy of profound evil blazes new trails in revealing the capacity of comics to be a powerful storytelling medium.”

At the time of this writing, a publisher for Monsters has not been announced. (Pssst! Barry! Just crowdfund it!)

Source: Newsarama

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