Sci-fi graphic novel “Mortal Worlds” coming soon to Indiegogo

Husband and wife team Michael and Caroline Anden will soon take a second stab at crowdfunding Mortal Worlds, a sci-fi graphic novel where “Supersoldiers discover that our first ancestors are our final descendants… an army of ultimate evil beyond time!”

The Mortal Worlds crowdfunding campaign will launch via Indiegogo sometime in 2020, but you can get in on the hype train right now by visiting the Mortal Worlds pre-launch page and signings for email updates on the book. Not only will you get to see additional artwork and Mortal Worlds news straight from the Andens, but the creators also plan to have launch day perks available exclusively for newsletter subscribers, including a chance to pick up a full color, 32-page Art of Mortal Worlds supplemental magazine.

Interested? You can check out some sample artwork below or sign up for email updates on the Mortal Worlds Indiegogo pre-launch page here.

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