Wroblewski & Asevedo’s “Rockabilly Roadtrip” comic promises Texas chainsaws & voodoo zombies

Independent comic book writer Jesse Wroblewski and artist Preston Asevedo (Doc Salem) are setting up a crowdfunding campaign for Rockabilly Roadtrip, a 150+ page dark comedy book promising all manner of monsters and mayhem.

The campaign will actually fund multiple books: the first being a black and white graphic novel collecting all of the issues from 2006 to 2016, as well as the never-before-seen final issue. The second is a full color, 22-page book marking a new beginning for Rockabilly Roadtrip‘s protagonists.

But what’s it all about? Here’s the full plot summary taken from the Rockabilly Roadtrip website:

Rockabilly Roadtrip is a cross-country love story of a man, his car and his homemade bride. On the roadtrip, we follow our hero, Nicky “The Pipe” who has just completed work on his long time project “The Devil Driver”, his dream automobile.

Nicky is an average guy with one special talent, he can build ANYTHING! He often refers to his special talent as his superpower and rightfully so. After completing work on his amazing, custom car he used his talents to build himself a driving companion to compliment the look of his newest creation.

When his bombshell of a passenger dummy whom he lovingly refers to as Patches, mysteriously comes to life he decides there would be no better way to educate her on the ways of the world than with a road trip across the U.S. of A. Doing so would also let him break in his new ride and possibly win Patches’ heart.

However, this “Rockabilly RoadTrip” is anything but typical! Chainsaw wielding psychos in Texas and a Voodoo, Swamp-Zombie infestation at a roadside stop in Louisiana are just the start of the problems our heroes run into on the road. So come along for the trip! And don’t miss a single issue of the cross-country, love-story adventure that is Rockabilly RoadTrip!

Wroblewski and Asevedo intend to launch the crowdfunding campaign in February. Interested? You can check out the cover artwork below or sign up for email updates on Rockabilly Roadtrip here.

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