Fairy tales intersect on the crossroads of earth in new fantasy comic “Sins of the Fae”

Aspiring comic book writer “Dr. Write” is laying the groundwork to launch a crowdfunding campaign for Sins of the Fae, a new fantasy graphic novel featuring illustrations by “Josan” and colors by “Xeviuss.”

Described as an American fairy tale, Sins of the Fae portrays a universe in which earth acts as a bridge between seven separate worlds, and supernatural beings known as “fae” must cross over it from time to time if they want to travel between them. The story itself follows Nikki Carrowmore, a former witch who uses guns & spells to protect her children as she tries to escape from her dysfunctional family.

Dr. Write intends to launch the Sins of the Fae crowdfunding campaign via Indiegogo on 13 March. In the meantime, you can check out some sample artwork below or sign up for email updates at the Sins of the Fae Indiegogo pre-campaign page here.


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