Digital Tales’ 2-D Metroidvania game “Bookbound Brigade” comes to life on 30 January

Publisher Intragames and developer Digital Tales have announced that their upcoming Metroidvania-style game Bookbound Brigade will be released on 30 January for Steam PC, PS4, and Nintendo Switch priced at $19.99.

Featuring a cast of characters including Dracula, Nikola Tesla and Sun Wukong the Monkey King, Bookbound Brigade combines fictional and historical personalities with a variety of storybook scenarios. Sounds kind of like Gumby (or Super Why, if you have kids).

Here’s the full breakdown of Bookbound Brigade taken from the game’s Steam page:

Bookbound Brigade is a new take on the established Metroidvania genre where classic stories and well-known characters get the video game treatment, and where the player gets to lead a colorful bunch of real and fictional heroes through a 2D side-scrolling platform-adventure in a quest to battle overwhelming hordes of monsters and bring order back to the literary world.

Key Features:

  • Explore, fight, backtrack, grow your skills and tackle challenging quests and puzzles, as in any Metroidvania game worthy of its name, but get ready for a twist…
  • There is no single hero in Bookbound Brigade: you play as a party of unique characters, each with their own traits and skills, who move in formation and fight as one
  • Expect to meet some familiar and less familiar faces, as all the characters, both playing and non-playing, are drawn from the pages of history and literature
  • Enjoy distinctive hand-drawn visuals, inspired by book illustration from all time and straying far from the pixel art dominating the Metroidvania genre

Source: Niche Gamer

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