Cecil’s comedy graphic novel “Cash Grab” is grabbing all the cash on Indiegogo; $60K in 24 hours


On Tuesday, the anonymous Internet comedian known as “Cecil” launched a crowdfunding campaign for Cash Grab, a 48+ page action/comedy graphic novel written by Cecil himself and featuring illustrations by Donal DeLay (Vestige), colors by Ink Spots, and letters by Eric Weathers.

And girthy stacks of cash are indeed being grabbed, snatched, groped and grasped, as the campaign has already raised roughly $60 thousand just 24 hours after launch.

For the past few years, Cecil has been a mainstay of the independent comics movement known as “ComicsGate”, a group of comic book creators and consumers disillusioned with plummeting comics shop sales and concerns of political/ideological encroachment into the professional practices of the comics industry. If Cash Grab is any indication, the ComicsGate model of crowdfunding and direct interaction with customers is still going strong.

But what’s Cash Grab all about? Here’s the plot summary taken from the Cash Grab Indiegogo campaign page:

CECIL– a man whose huge appetites are only exceeded by his immense sense of entitlement! His life of excess has cost him everything— his wealth, his career and even his family! After being thrown out of his sister Judy’s home, he has hit rock bottom and wants to make amends for a lifetime of selfishness and decadence. When NYC’s resident superhero, The Winged Fox, goes missing, Cecil sees this as his opportunity to step up and fill the void. Will this be the road to redemption or is he just some old asshole? 

Backers can get a physical copy of Cash Grab for $25. For those with deeper pockets, there are several extras available, including multiple copies of the book, a variant cover by Kelsey Shannon, original artwork, a head sketch by Cecil himself, and your name appearing in the background art of the book as graffiti art.

Perhaps the biggest bonus, however, is the additional ashcan-sized comic titled The Adventures of DirtWorm Dug, a parody of real-life events starring a spineless parasite named Dug who exploits the open arms of a successful society and nearly destroys it in the process.

Here’s a quick synopsis of DirtWorm Dug taken from the Indiegogo campaign page:

This 20-page full-color ashcan tells the heartwarming tale of a parasitic tapeworm named Dug and his wild adventure to be returned up the ass of a dog. A story to be cherished by the young and the young at heart. Based on a very true story.

Do your comic book shelf have room for Cecil? Does your pocketbook? If you’re interested, you can check out some sample artwork below or visit the full Cash Grab Indiegogo campaign page here.

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