The blood, guts & sex version of Conan returns to comics this Spring in “The Cimmerian”

Ablaze Publishing have reached an agreement with Conan Properties International to allow for Ablaze to release The Cimmerian series of comics in the United States. Originally published overseas by French publisher Glénat, The Cimmerian is a series of comics adapting Robert E. Howard’s classic Conan stories which first appeared in Weird Tales in the 1930s.

In August, Conan Properties issued a cease and desist to Diamond Comics Distributors, preventing U.S. distribution of The Cimmerian. Despite several of Robert E. Howard’s Conan stories being in the public domain. However, this new agreement clears the way for Ablaze to release The Cimmerian: Queen of the Black Coast in March, written by Jean-David Morvan and featuring illustrations by Pierre Alary and colors by Sedyas. This will be followed by The Cimmerian: Red Nails in April, which is written by Regis Hautiere, with illustrations by Olivier Vatine and colors by Didier Cassegrain.

Both of these Cimmerian stories are adaptations of works in the public domain, and are intended to be as faithful as possible to the originals. Several Conan stories were edited after Robert E. Howard’s death in 1936, but Ablaze asserts that their Cimmerian books “…portray the true Conan… unrestrained, violent, and sexual… just as Robert E. Howard intended!”

But if a deal was struck, why are the books being released under the title The Cimmerian and not Conan? Marvel Comics acquired the rights to publish books under the Conan the Barbarian title from Conan Properties International in 2018. Marvel still maintains the rights to the Conan trademark, which are separate from the copyright.

Both Queen of the Black Coast and Red Nails are available for preorder at your local comic shop.

Source: ICv2

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