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The blood, guts & sex version of Conan returns to comics this Spring in “The Cimmerian”

Ablaze Publishing have reached an agreement with Conan Properties International to allow for Ablaze to release The Cimmerian series of comics in the United States. Originally published overseas by French publisher Glénat, The Cimmerian is a series of comics adapting Robert E. Howard’s classic Conan stories which first appeared in Weird Tales in the 1930s. In August, Conan Properties issued

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Could Conan the Barbarian join the MCU?

Marvel reacquired the Conan comic book license earlier this year, and since then, the Conan comics have been a fairly successful sales story, by modern standards, anyway. Marvel must be happy with the performance of the Conan property, because earlier in September, the publisher acquired the comic book rights to two other Robert E. Howard characters: Dark Agnes and Solomon

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