Could Conan the Barbarian join the MCU?

Marvel reacquired the Conan comic book license earlier this year, and since then, the Conan comics have been a fairly successful sales story, by modern standards, anyway. Marvel must be happy with the performance of the Conan property, because earlier in September, the publisher acquired the comic book rights to two other Robert E. Howard characters: Dark Agnes and Solomon Kane.

Marvel is now finding ways to integrate all of these characters into its own comic book continuity (616), most recently by announcing a Serpent War crossover event written by Jim Zub and featuring Marvel’s own Moon Knight, along with Dark Agnes, Solomon Kane, and of course, Conan himself.

That in itself certainly isn’t proof positive that there are any plans for a Conan film in the MCU framework. But interestingly, the news of Marvel’s expanded publishing agreement was prominently covered by The Hollywood Reporter, an outlet which generally does not cover comic book news. Was The Hollywood Reporter simply shilling throwing Disney a bone to help boost Moon Knight’s profile ahead of his upcoming Disney+ series, or is something more interesting at play?

This has led to some speculation that Disney is indeed laying the groundwork for a new Conan movie, one that could be tied to their highly successful Marvel Cinematic Universe. The excellent (and highly recommended) YouTube channel Midnight’s Edge recently explored this idea, detailing what would have to happen to make an MCU Conan movie a reality, and how the character might be folded into the superhero-driven universe. You can watch their video below.

Would you like to see a Conan movie set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Let us know in the comments. (The Hollywood Reporter has to just be shilling, right?)

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