Aaron Alfeche teases artwork from “Jawbreakers: Grand Bazaar”

Now that the Jawbreakers: GØD-K1NG book is firmly in the hands of its Indiegogo backers (and may we never have to spell the words GØD-K1NG ever again), the creative minds at Splatto Comics are already at work prepping the next installment in the Jawbreakers series: Grand Bazaar.

Jawbreakers creator Richard C. Meyer has once again tapped GØD-K1NG (Dammit!) artist Aaron Alfeche to return as Grand Bazaar‘s lead illustrator, and Alfeche has been dropping quite a few teaser images via social media. Out of an abundance of respect for your time, let’s get straight to some of that artwork (below). Of course, you can also follow Alfeche for more Jawbreakers: Grand Bazaar updates here.

Alfeche’s Silkworm is quickly becoming the definitive take on the character, don’cha think?


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